Top 6 Best Women Deodorants With Price In India 2020

Deodorants are the most common item you will find in a woman’s handbag. No woman can do without a deodorant especially if she needs to travel a lot and get to work. There are a number of deodorants available in the market these days, but in order to feel fresh and smell good all day it is essential to choose the right deodorant.

Here’s a list of 6 of the best deodorants available in India.

6. Fa


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One of the oldest names in fragrances, Fa is known for amazing perfumes, deodorants and soaps that women are crazy about. They have a great variety of deodorants to suit your mood perfectly. They also have special deodorants for sensitive skin. This is a great fragrance that has some amazing fragrances that you can choose from.

5. Spinz


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This is an Indian brand that has managed to capture the hearts of many women. Spinz has a wide range of fragrances that you can choose from and these deodorants have different fragrances based on your choice. Priced between Rs. 160 to 170/- these deodorants are highly popular amongst college students who like to experiment with fragrances.

4. Jovan White Musk Women



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Jovan musk is a fragrance that appeals a large number of people. If you feel the perfume is too expensive you can opt in for the deodorant that smells exactly the same. Jovan is a popular fragrance brand and this particular fragrance is classy and very pleasing.

Price: Rs. 185/-

3. Secret Temptation Perfume Body Spray


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If you’re looking for a perfume like fragrance at an affordable cost then the Secret Temptation range is a great deodorant to pick. While they do have the regular gas based deodorants, Secret Temptation has also introduced a body spray which is free from gas and bursts with fresh fragrance for a long time.

Price: Rs. 170/-

2. Nivea Roll On Deo


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Nivea is a known brand in over 50 countries in the world. Nivea fragrances have a signature fragrance that is warm and appealing. For years this fragrance is as good as a perfume and will last a long time. Nivea has paid attention to skin darkening issues that arise due to the use of deodorants and introduced this roll on which is a better solution.

Price: Rs. 148/-

1. Dove Clear Touch

Dove Clear Touch

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Dove is one of the leading skin care brand and is also known to deliver some of the best deodorants that women love. Dove has some of the best deodorants for women. While there are a few options to choose from Dove clear touch is the most popular amongst them.

This deodorant is gentle on your skin and will not burn your underarms. This is a long lasting fragrance that is ideal for women who are on the go.

Price: Rs. 170/-

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