Top 5 Best Liquid Hand Wash Soaps With Price in India 2019

The best way to stay away from diseases is to develop a healthy habit of washing hands proper before each meal. It helps in killing the bacteria and germs in the hands. The liquid hand wash soaps market has become highly competitive in the last few years, with several brands eyeing to get a market share. These soaps are in high demand in home, school, hospitals, colleges, nursing home, and so on. The main advantage of these hand wash soap that’s it easy to use.

In this article we have listed for you the top 5 best liquid hand wash soaps with price in India.

5. Pears


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This is the most subtle and gentle form of hand wash, created for the soft skin of kids to help them stay clean after they come home. It contains the best quality natural oils and glycerin to keep hands soft and clean. They come in different varieties for both dry skin and oily skin. The refreshing fragrance of the hand wash stays longer. As this product is gentle, it is also highly suitable for those with sensitive skin.

  • Product: Pears Pure & Gentle Hand wash
  • Quantity: 237ml

4. Savlon


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This is a premium product offered by the renowned brand Johnson & Johnson. It provides protection from harmful bacteria and disease causing germs. Besides giving you germs free hands, the hand wash also leaves a nice fragrance on your hands. Salvon has created a niche for itself in the market with its useful range of products and the liquid hand wash is also much popular in the Indian market.

  • Product: Savlon Liquid Hand Wash
  • Quantity: 250ml

3. Santoor

Santoor Glycerin & Apricot Hand wash

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Santoor is a well-known brand known in every household and the liquid hand wash is also gaining popularity. This product protects the end-users from bacteria and germs. The Glycerin & Apricot hand wash of this brand contains ingredients such as glycerin, sandal and apricot to keep your skin feeling refreshed. It helps in keeping your skin clean and flexible too.

The hand wash contain a unique formulation of apricot and glycerin that fights germs while at the same time maintains the ph balance of your skin. This hand wash is suitable for sensitive skin. Another hand wash offering by Santoor is the Santoor Hand Wash With Extra Moisturizing. The extra moisturizing will help to keep your hands soft and clean.

  • Product: Santoor Glycerin & Apricot Hand wash
  • Quantity: 250ml

2. Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy Activfresh Liquid Hand wash

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When talking about the top 5 best liquid hand wash soaps we simply cannot ignore the Lifebuoy Liquid Hand wash, which is one of the bestselling liquid soaps in the world. It is used to effectively kill germs and bacteria. It is manufactured by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), one of the leading soap brands in India. Lifebuoy offers a wide range of liquid hand wash soaps in the market.

Their Lifebuoy Activities Liquid Hand wash Pump contains ingredients like neem, lemongrass and glycerin to maintain the ph balance of the skin and keep it soft. Other hand wash offerings by Lifebuoy are Lifebuoy Nature Hand wash and Lifebuoy Care Hand wash.

  • Product: Lifebuoy Activfresh Liquid Hand wash
  • Quantity: 200ml

1. Dettol



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Dettol is the number one liquid hand wash soap in India, and a product of Reckitt Benckiser. This product helps in effectively killing all the germs and bacteria to give you a healthy and hygienic life. The hand wash contains effective ingredients to not only kill germs but also prevent the occurrence of germs in future. It has a wonderful fragrance and it can be used for both adults and kids.

  • Product: Dettol Original Liquid Hand wash
  • Quantity: 900ml

That’s all from our end in the category of top 5 best liquid hand wash soaps with price in India.