Top 6 Best Electrical Wire Cables with Price in India 2020

Electricity has helped in modernizing our world and today, life without electricity is not possible at all. The hunger for this resource is increasing since the beginning of the time and electrical wires help in transportation of this electricity which is generated at power plants. The wires also form an essential part of the house as there are wires all around the house which helps in connecting the equipment in the house. One should be very careful while dealing with electricity and you should always use high quality wires in the house as a poor wire can easily get heated and thus it can become a fire hazard. Using wires of poor quality can also be problematic as that could be a shock hazard.

Buying Guide for Wires and Cables: Things to Consider.

When it comes to buying a cable or a wire, these factors will help you select the best

Brand – Being brand cautious is not something you should be ashamed of while purchasing a cable or wire. To be simple, always remember that a using a cable or wire of poor quality could always be a risk for you and only reputed/top brands see to the fact that the cables or wire that manufacture and market top quality product.

Gauge and rating – Wires do not come in a single size/gauge they come in different gauges and each gauge wire is designed for carrying a specific amount of electric current safely. For example, an air-conditioner requires high gauge wire, however, if you use a low gauge cable, the air conditioner might work, but within the least time the cable heats up and the could lead to short circuit or fire.

Protection –  This factor is already covered with the factor brand itself. However, all the top brand wires and cable comes with utmost protection features. The protection here refers to the coating that comes over the wires. The color of the coating could be red, blue, green, black, red, white etc. This coating is responsible for preventing short circuits and prevents the user from being electrocuted. All the wires come with a coating, however, the quality of the coating matters and we could find the high quality only in wires marketed by reputed brand.

Type of wire or cable – You would already know the difference between a wire and cable, and then you would know that there are different types of wires and cables on the market, the difference could be based on the gauge for wires and number of cores when it comes to cable. So, before purchasing the cable or wire find out your requirement and then purchase accordingly.

Finally, purchasing a wire or cable is easy if you consider the factors mentioned above. However, always remember to select a cable or wire from a reputed brand only.

In this article, we have listed some of the best electrical wires which are available in India and you should use these while construction of a house.

6. Polycab 1Sqmm Wire 90m coil

Polycab 1Sqmm Wire 90m coil

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This is a PVC insulated cable from Polycab and the wire has a rating of 1100 Volts and IS: 694. The insulation contains a single core copper conductor which is flexible and at the same time, the cable is flame retardant. This makes a popular choice for the people as the wire is fire resistant. There are many different varieties available from Polycab and you can consider some of those while purchasing wires.

  • Type: Insulted Wire

5. National Cables Electrical Wire 1.50 Sq. MM | 90 Meter Coil

National Cables Electrical Wire 1.50 Sq. MM FR PVC Insulated Copper Wire for Home Use

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Next on our list is an electrical wire from National Cables. The wire comes with 15 years of warranty from manufacturing defects and it is ISI market with IS694:2010. The material used in insulation is flame retardant and the wire is available in many different specifications. This is one of the highest rated cables in our list and the warranty on the product justifies the claims.

  • Type: Insulted Wire

4. Havells Lifeline Cable 1.5 sq. mm wire

Havells Lifeline Cable 1.5 sq. mm wire

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Havells is a popular brand which manufactures electrical appliances as well as electrical cable. The wire is anti-termite and anti-rodent and at the same time, the insulation on the wire has a very high resistance. As per the tests, the leakage current of the wire is 0.010 amps.

  • Type: Insulted Wire

3. Anchor Insulated Copper PVC Cable 1.0 Sq. mm Wire

Anchor Insulated Copper PVC Cable 1.0 Sq. mm Wire

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This cable from Anchor is available in all colors and the wattage of this wire is 1100 Volts. In addition to this, the wire has higher oxygen and temperature index. The conductivity of the wire is amazing and the heat generated by the wire is quite low.

  • Type: Insulted Wire

2. Finolex 1.5Sqmm wire 90m coil

Finolex 1.5Sqmm wire 90m coil

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Next on our list is a wire from Finolex and the wire has a wattage of 1100 volts. In addition to this, the wire is ISI marked with IS: 694 standards. This is a heavy duty wire which can be used for residential distribution of electricity.

  • Type: Insulted Wire

1. Finolex 2.5Sqmm Wire 90m coil

electrical wire


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On number 1, we have another wire from Finolex and the only difference between the last one and this one is of cross-sectional area of the wire. The higher cross-sectional area means the higher capacity hence the wire is a heavy duty wire.

  • Type: Insulted Wire

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one in the nearest future. Stay tuned.