Top 5 Best Coconut Oil with Price in India 2019

Coconut Oil is considered as best care for hair and scalps related problems, Indian use the coconut oil at very large scale, mostly every home in India will be showcased with a bottle of coconut oil. In South coconut oil is also used as edible oil as it contains many enrich vitamins, the oil is being used for cooking purpose at large with combined hair benefits. Girls always crave for shiny and long hairs and applying Coconut Oil can fulfill their wish as the oil offers long, healthier and strong hair. Not only this if there is itching in your body just apply a layer of Coconut oil over your skin and get rid of dry skin, it also helps to condition your scalps to get rid of dandruff apply coconut oil mixing it with lemon or curd.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Have you ever wondered what benefits coconut oil could offer if you use it? Coconut oil has several advantages and the majority of the advantages are scientifically proven. However, coconut oil is comparatively costly that most of the commonly used oil in India. Here is the list of benefits of coconut oil

Health Benefits

  • Increases the level of HDL Cholesterol – Coconut oil is rich in ingredients that adds HDL cholesterol to the body, the HDL cholesterol is termed as good cholesterol that is proven to improve heart health. However, some studies indicate over consumption could have negative effects on the health.
  • Weight control – Coconut oil contains ingredients that can reduce body weight especially the abdominal obesity.
  • Improve heart health – A study indicates that 50% of the fats that are found in coconut oil are MCT, which include lauric acid that is known to be absorbed easily by the intestine. The lauric acid can be used to produce energy
  • Hair care – Coconut oil is proven to increase the growth of hair and it provides a shiny texture to the strands. Coconut oil has a low molecular weight and hence it could penetrate the hair shaft and in turn hair damage.
  • Skin care – Coconut oil is proven antibacterial, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing property.

Nutrition facts – Saturated fatty acid Saturated fatty acid – Coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids like caprylic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, and stearic acid.

  • Lauric acid – Lauric acid in coconut oil is proven to increase the human body to fight and deal with viruses and diseases.
  • Capric acid – This acid reacts with specific enzymes secreted by a certain bacterium that converts the enzyme into a powerful antimicrobial agent.
  • Stearic acid – This is acid offers cleansing and solidifying properties. This is the main reason why coconut oil is used in skin care products.

Could be used as carrier oil – Coconut oil is one of the best carrier oil as it could easily penetrate or absorb into the skin, it also facilitates the seepage and absorption of other oils. One of the notable things about coconut oil is that it is one of the most stable oil available.

Coconut oil is perhaps one of the best useful natural oil available on the market today. However, remember to purchase virgin coconut oil rather than a cheap generic product.

Seeing all these wide ranges of benefits linked with Coconut Oil you must be craving to buy one, we will showcase the list containing 5 best available coconut oil brands with their respective price in India. We ensure that all the Coconut Oil brands part of our listing are pure and safe to use.

Read along as we will showcase the best available “5 Coconut Oil Brands with price in India”

5. Maxcare Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil

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In case you are looking for an option as Coconut Oil with tag pure organic, cold pressed for your hair than Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil is the best available option for you. The brand with international fame is tagged as best for hair care. You can also use it for cooking as it is pure and organic in its content; just apply a layer of Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil at your babies hair as it contains no chemical preservatives that can harm your baby.

  • Company: Maxcare
  • Type: Coconut Oil
  • Price: INR 375 for 375 grams

4. Patanjali Coconut Oil

Patanjali Coconut Oil

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One of the most famous brands with the tag of being Indian by heart, Patanjali boasts its Coconut Oil being pure and the content of it can be used for hair and body massage. The most budget friendly option in our list is offered for just INR 65 for a 200ml bottle, there are plenty of Patanjali stores around the country from where you can buy this 100% coconut oil. A Bigger variant of the pack are also available to buy as 500 grams of the pack is also available as an option to buy.

  • Company: Patanjali
  • Type: Coconut Oil
  • Price: INR 65 for 200ml bottle

3. Parachute Advansed Hair Oil

Parachute Advansed Hair Oil

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If you will do a survey in India about the best available coconut oil, Parachute will win the race with flying colors. The particular advanced hair care bottle as the name suggests is ideal for hair care mainly, apply it daily in your scalps with gentle hairs for long hairs. You can easily get easily the bottle of Parachute Advanced care at stores near you or can choose the option to buy it online.

  • Company Name: Parachute
  • Type: Coconut Oil
  • Price: INR 156 for 300 ml bottle

2. Dabur Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil

Dabur Anmol Gold Pure Coconut Oil

Well if you are searching for an option as the company that can better stand against Parachute then your search will get over at Dabur. The next in our list ensures hair growth with 100% pure coconut as its content.

  • Company Name: Dabur
  • Type: Coconut Oil
  • Price: INR 138 for 500 grams

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1. Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil

coconut oil


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The top spot gainer and the winner amongst the brands available in India, Oriflame Nature Hair Oil ensures 100% Coconut oil as it content combines with the goodness of Vitamin E. Better apply the oil before bathing to get smooth and healthier hair.

  • Company Name: Oriflame
  • Type: Coconut Oil
  • Price: INR 164 for 100ml bottle