Top 6 Best Basmati Rice With Price In India 2019

Special occasions in our country are incomplete unless we have the best quality basmati rice cooking in the kitchen and its flavor intoxicating everyone around. If you would like to enjoy the culture and flavors of India then you must try Indian cuisine and basmati rice is an Integral part of it.

Basmati Rice Benefits – Basmati rice is one of the best rice varieties available on the market these days. Apart from being just tasty and different looking, basmati rice has several benefits.

=> Consuming basmati rice would reduce the risk of cancer as it comes with the highest nutritional value and has 20% more fiber than any other types of brown rice on the market today. These fibers play an important role in preventing the formation of cancer cells in the body

=> Based on the recent studies conducted by the Diabetes Association of Canada, basmati rice is best recommended for people with diabetes issue. This is because basmati rice is known to have the lowest glycemic index (58), which represents the amylose content, protein, fat, starch digestibly of a food.

=> Even though basmati rice tastes better, consuming basmati rice will reduce hunger and this alone with low glycemic index makes it a good food for diet programs

=> Basmati rice contains high fiber content than any other brown rice and this makes it best suitable for kids, adults, and old people.

=> Consumption of basmati rice frequently could help you overcome constipation as basmati rice in the digestive tract could maintain water level, consumption of basmati rice is that it helps to soften the stool, therefore prevent constipation issues

=> Basmati rice could reduce the risk of heart disease risk and helps in controlling the cholesterol level in your body

=> The fiber in basmati rice absorbs fat and helps tremendously in reducing the overall calorie intake, therefore allowing the user to maintain ideal weight.

=> Basmati rice is proven to be an important food that could help the user prevents colon cancer.

=> Basmati rice is a good supplement of manganese to the body, which, in turn, plays an important role in boosting metabolism.

Apart from all the health benefits, one of the most important things about basmati rice is that it smells extremely better than any other brown rice. There are different varieties of basmati rice available in the market and there are several factors that play an important role in determining their overall quality.

In this article we will tell you about the top 6 best basmati rice with price in India.

6. Amira Basmati Rice

Amira Basmati Rice

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This is a product from the Amira Nature Foods Ltd and the company has won several awards for being one of the best basmati rice brands in the country.  Amira has been manufacturing and providing basmati rice that meets the expectations of the Indian market. A lot of hardship and care goes into achieving the kind of flavor and aroma that gives you absolutely lip smacking cuisines. The rice is aged for a year before it goes into the advanced process and treatment plant.

  • Product: Amira Basmati Rice

5. Aeroplane Basmati Rice

Aeroplane Basmati Rice

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This is a popular rice brand offered by Amir Chand Jagdish Kumar (Exports) Ltd. The basmati rice is known for their long grains, amazing aroma and delicious taste. It is not only a popular rice brand in India but it is also exported to other countries in the world. They have their head quarter I New Delhi and the company offers 33 varieties of rice.

  • Product: Aeroplane Basmati Rice

5. Dawat Basmati Rice

Daawat Basmati Rice

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It is the flagship brand of Amritsar based LT Foods and other than India, the brand can also be found in 65 countries across the globe. The brand offers several varieties of basmati rice that include Regular, Pulav, Super Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, and traditional basmati rice. Millions of people in India and aboard consume the basmati rice as a part of their staple diet.

  • Product: Dawat Basmati Rice

4. Kohinoor Basmati Rice

Kohinoor Basmati Rice

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This brand is true to its name as one of the premium brands of basmati rice in India offered by Kohinoor Foods Limited. It is not only marketed in India but also exported to more than 60 countries across the world. The Kohinoor Basmati Rice is characterized by its long grains, authentic flavor and taste. The rice comes in different variants that include Exclusive, Organic, Brown Rice, and Special Rice.

  • Product: Kohinoor Basmati Rice

3. Lal Qilla Basmati Rice

Lal Qilla Basmati Rice

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This is one of the premium quality of basmati rice available in India and it is offered under the flagship product of Amar Singh Chawal Wala Company. Today the company sells premium basmati rice both in the domestic market and the international market. Lal Quila is available in different variations that have been developed over the years – Excel Basmati, Brown Basmati, Gold Basmati, and Majestic Basmati to name a few.

  • Product: Lal Quila Basamti Rice

2. Fortune Special Biryani Basmati Rice, 5kg

Best Basmasti Rice in India

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Fortune is one of the most popular brand in India that also producing Basmati Rice in India. The brand is not only popular in Indian households but also export to countries like Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Dubai, UAE, and South Africa.

  • Product: Fortune

1. India Gate Basmati Rice

India Gate Basmati Rice

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The brand by the world’s largest rice millers has been marketed for more than 120 years. KRBL Limited has a rich history of rice production and it has combined it with modern technology to bring you the best quality basmati rice. The company has received several awards for its rich quality, flavor and taste.

  • Product: India Gate Basmati Rice

We hope that above list of top 6 best basmati rice with price in India helps you choose the right brand. Stay tuned for more informative articles like these.