10 Best Nebulizer Machine In India 2021

A Nebulizer is one of the best treatments offered to a patient with asthma. A nebulizer is offered as a breathing therapy. It delivers similar medication as a metered dose inhaler (MDI). Although a nebulizer provides similar dosage to a pocket inhaler, it works differently. Nebulizers are easier to use than MDI’s for children who are not old enough to use inhalers or for adults with extremely severe asthma. The nebulizer coverts liquid medicines into a mist that help treat your asthma. It comes either in electric version or battery run version. Some nebulizers come in a larger size that can be plugged into a wall and can be sitting on your side table for use, while other nebulizers are smaller sized that can be carried around. All nebulizers are made of a base that contains an air compressor, a tube that connects the medicine container to the air compressor, and a small container for liquid machine. A mouthpiece is located above the medicine container that is used to inhale the mist. Selecting the right nebulizer is critical to help your treatment. Always discuss the plan with your doctor. Doctors usually suggest a nebulizer when a pump is not helping a great deal.

How to Use a Nebulizer

A nebulizer can be a part of your medication; however, the process of using the nebulizer is not so complicated. Here is how to use it.

Step 1: Before using or preparing the nebulizer, wash your hands. PS: use soap and make sure your hands are completely clean from dirt or germs

Step 2: A nebulizer you use might be a part of medication and the nebulizer will have a section where you need to put the medicines or solution for the health issue you have. Take your medication and measure the medication and then unscrew the top of the nebulizer and add the medication into it. PS: different nebulizers will have different places where medications have to be filled, check the manual to know more

Step 3: Now, attach the mouth piece to the tubes that came with the nebulizer

Step 4: Connect the other side of the tube to the nebulizer air compressor

Step 5: Once you are done connecting the mouthpiece and tubes, plug in the nebulizer to the power supply or if it is battery driven then switch on the nebulizer

Step 6: Before switching on the product make sure you wear the mouthpiece on your mouth

Step 7: Wear the mask until the mist stops; this usually takes 10-20 minutes.

Step 8: Once you are done using the product, switch off the product and then de-assemble the product, clean each part.

Step 9: Now, store the parts at a place with the least moisture and dust.

PS: the nebulizer should be disinfected in periodic intervals to keep it safe for use in case of any urgency.

A nebulizer is one of the basic parts of some medication, consider following the steps mentioned above and use the product with ease. Here are the ten best nebulizer available in India

10. Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer

Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer

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This nebulizer is a superb choice for taking a variety of medications easily. It will convert the medicines into an aerosol mist and let you inhale it effortlessly. This way, it minimizes the wastage of medications. This machine is ideal for treating chronic bronchitis, pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, and several other respiratory issues. Also, people of all age groups can use this machine safely. There is a flow adjuster in it to let you adjust the flow of medicine from 0.5 to 5ml per min according to your convenience. Moreover, this machine is noiseless and convenient to use.

9. Agaro NB-21 Compressor Nebulizer

Agaro NB-21 Compressor Nebulizer

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The Agaro compressor nebulizer provides maximum value for treating allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. It delivers the medication in aerosol form to reach into your lungs to reduce the wastage of medications. It has a noise level below 60dB, which is very low and safe. The nebulizer machine also provides a comfortable operation for children. This compressor nebulizer features a one-button operation to provide maximum convenience and reduce unnecessary efforts. The mouthpiece comes with a medication cap to let you inhale the medications easily. Because of the five air filters, this nebulizer is safe to use. There is an internal compartment in this machine for storing the accessories conveniently.

8. Control D Blue & White Compressor Nebulizer

Control D Blue & White Compressor Nebulizer

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With a simple design, the Control D compressor nebulizer is great for carrying. The machine is lightweight and easy to use and clean. Also, the compact design lets you store it at small places conveniently. It comes with long tubing to offer high comfort and convenience while using. The machine also has air vents to cool the motor. This compressor nebulizer is ideal for children as well as adults. It converts the medication to a fine mist to let you take it in effortlessly.          

7. Elkoneb EL-720 Piston Compressor Nebulizer

Elkoneb EL-720 Piston Compressor Nebulizer

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It is another convenient compressor nebulizer for people with respiratory problems. The machine features simple operation to let people of all ages use it easily. With an oil-free piston pump, this compressor nebulizer is ideal for long time use. The nebulizer comes with a mouthpiece and two masks to let your whole family use it efficiently. With noiseless design and one-button operation, the nebulizer offers excellent performance to let you take the medication easily. Also, this machine comes with an automatic thermal protector and automatic cut-off feature for safety.     

6. Omron NE-C803 Compressed Nebulizer

Omron NE-C803 Compressed Nebulizer

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The Omron NE-C803 has a high nebulisation rate and its mist consists of small particle size – 3um. The compact size of this nebulizer makes it easy to use, carry around and store. It comprises an air tube made of PVC and is 100 cm long, a mouthpiece, a child mask made of PVC, five spare air filters, an AC adapter, and comprehensive instruction manual. It makes low noise and is extremely lightweight weighing only at 180 grams. It is perfect for pediatric use and is comfortable to use.

5. Omron Nebulizer Compressor (NE-C25S)

Omron Nebulizer Compressor (NE-C25S)

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The Omron High Volume Nebulizer comes with a sporty design. It is compact and easy to use. Its patented pump design is powerful and extremely quiet when operating. This nebulizer includes a carrying case with an accessory compartment. This highly advanced nebulizer comes with a breath-enhanced design that shortens the treatment timeline.

4. Nulife Handyneb Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer

Nulife Handyneb Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer

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The Nulife Handyneb nebulizer comes with maximum pressure of 2.5 bars and minimum airflow of 8 LPM. With reduced noise at 55 dBA, it is one of the best nebulizers available in the market. It comes with an AC adapter. It also comes with a powerful compressor and nebulizer kit. The medication is atomized into very fine particles and this helps in reaching the respiratory tracts efficiently.

3. Nulife SlimNeb Compressor Piston Type Nebulizer

Nulife SlimNeb Compressor Piston Type Nebulizer

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The Nulife SlimNeb nebulizer has a medication capacity of 2 ml to 10 ml with an average nebulisation rate of 0.18 ml/min. The particle size emitted from this is 0.5-5 microns. It operates with air flow rate of 8 LPM. This nebulizer comes with a compressor unit that transforms liquid medication into fine vapor similar to aerosols. This aerosol can be inhaled through a mouthpiece. The nebulizer also comes with a holder that can hold the mouthpiece and air tube when not being used.

2. Omron NE-C28 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron NE-C28 Compressor Nebulizer

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The Omron NE-C28 nebulizer can be used by children and adults. The rate of nebulisation is 0.4 ml per minute. This nebulizer comes with a nebulizer kit, a powerful compressor, air tubes, five replacement filters, an adult mask, a child mask, a mouth piece, a carrying bag, and an instruction manual.

1. Nulife Compressor Nebulizer

best Nebulizer in India

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The Nulife compressor nebulizer uses aerosol therapy for better treatment. It has reduced noise levels and its compact size makes it convenient to handle and easy to use. It is made of shock resistant plastic and comes with an extremely reliable lifelong compressor.