10 Best Emergency Lights For Home in India 2021

India is a country where power cuts are quite frequent and that can leave the house in dark for a couple of hours. There had been instances of grid failures when the power was gone for over 12 hours and in such cases, even the UPS Inverters also give up. In such a case, emergency lights can prove to be really hand. The beauty of this product is that these can not only be used at home but they can also be carried by you while you are traveling somewhere. During a long journey on the highway, these lights can be really useful in case of a flat tire or any such issue. The lights usually have an array of LED lights which is connected with a rechargeable battery.

Buying tips for Emergency Light – What to look for?

Here are some tips to follow while selecting an emergency light:

Portability: Portability is very important as in most cases, we carry the emergency light to different places and weight is a concern. So, choose an emergency light which is lightweight and small.

Light Intensity: Be very careful while choosing an emergency light. It’s light intensity plays a good role in selecting an appropriate product. The number of LED’s is not the factor in determining the brightness of the lamp. While buying the lamp, confirm with the buyer about the light intensity range.

Choose LED: LED lights have higher intensity, low power and longer life compared to other lights. So, it is better to choose LED light over others.

Charging: There are 2 charging options for emergency light – grid and solar charging. It is better to choose a light which has both options. Again, it depends on your requirement.

Battery Backup: The most important thing to consider is the backup time of the battery. The longer the battery backup, the better your product is. Average backup time ranges between 4 to 8 hours.

Battery charging: Battery charging time is also a major factor to be considered. It is the time taken to charge the lamp battery from low to full charge. Average charging time should not cross 10 hours.

Battery protection: Battery should always be protected from overcharging which we do quite often. Look for “protection from overcharging” label which might give us long battery life.

Warranty: Always check for warranty of the product from the manufacturer. Check if the manufacturer offers a way that you can order lamp battery after current battery wears off.

These are some important tips that need to be considered while purchasing an emergency light. In this article, we have listed some of the best emergency lights available in the market. Read along as we look through the ‘10 Best Emergency Lights in India’.

10. LED Solar Emergency Light Bulb (Lantern)

LED Solar Emergency Light Bulb

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In recent years, the demand for lantern type emergency light has increased, looking for one? Then this one is best in India today. This emergency light comes at a cheap price, yet the design and style are exceptional. The emergency light could shine for up to 2 to 3 hours continuously and it requires only 4 hours to fully recharge. It has both solar, battery, and AC power socket recharge. This lantern emergency light could be used to recharge mobile phones with a battery of capacity up to 250mAH. Unlike other emergency light, this one does not have an on/off button, just lift the light and it automatically switches on. This emergency light is available on assorted colors.

  • Model Name: le-1
  • Type: Lantern design Emergency light

9. Pigeon LED Torch with Emergency Light

Pigeon LED Torch with Emergency Light

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Unlike most other emergency lights, this one has both an LED torch and emergency light. This emergency lamp has an attractive design that includes a perfectly placed on/off button on the side that could be accessed with ease. Since the product comes with both torch and emergency light, it could be used for both purposes and a single button helps the turn on either one feature. This torch and the emergency light combo is best for home and office use. The ergonomic body makes it easy to mount in different ways.

  • Model Name: Pigeon Radiance
  • Type: Compact LED cum emergency light

8. WOZIT LED Light


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Talk about powerful and efficient emergency light, this Wozit LED emergency light is one among the best you could get. According to the manufacturer, this emergency light has around 60 LED bulbs stacked together to shine. Unlike the other two products above, this one could be wall-mounted and could illuminate even the largest room. This LED emergency light has a push handle that facilitates carrying it around with ease. It comes with two modes, 60 LED lo and bright option, all you have to do is flip the button up or down. The manufacturer claims that this emergency lamp could shine for at least 6 hours. With a 2000mAh incorporated, this emergency light has a USB port to charge your Android phone.

  • Model Name: 24 Energy Wozit 60-LED emergency light.
  • Type: Android charger cum emergency light

7. IDOLESHOP™ Electric & Solar Rechargeable Emergency Light

IDOLESHOP™ Electric & Solar Rechargeable Emergency Light

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If you are not satisfied with emergency lights that could shine at only 180-degree, then this 360-degree shine emergency lamp could be your best option. This one comes with 4 32-LED mini tube light placed at the four corners, which facilitates it to shine at 360-degree. Place this emergency light at the center of a room and you will see the magic. This emergency lamp has a maintenance-free battery incorporated that could be recharged online or solar. The on/off switch placed on the side of this emergency lamp also allows the user to switch on 2 or 4 tubes.

  • Model Name: ONLITE-1157
  • Type: 360-degree shine emergency light

6. DP Brand Rechargeable Emergency Light

DP Brand Rechargeable Emergency Light

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This is a 30-LED bulb stacked emergency lamp powered by a 1600mAh battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery incorporated could withstand up to 500 times of charge and discharge. When switched on, this emergency lamp could shine up to a maximum of 5 hours as a flashlight and 10 hours as an emergency light. However, the manufacturer has recommended that this product be recharged every 3 months for 15 hours if kept idle.

  • Model Name: DP 751
  • Type: LED emergency light

5. Wipro Cosmos Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

Wipro Cosmos Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

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This light from Wipro is a LED lantern and this can automatically be turned on when the power is gone. In addition to this, there is a weak mode which can keep the LED lights running for about 15 hours without any break. This can function as a study lamp and as a night light. The emergency light also comes with a discharge and overcharge protection and it comes with an overall warranty of 6 months.

  • Model Name: Wipro Cosmos
  • Type: LED Rechargeable Emergency Lights

4. Eveready Homelite HL-56 Rechargeable Lantern

Eveready Homelite HL-56 Rechargeable Lantern

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Eveready is a famous brand when it comes to such products and this emergency light from Eveready comes in various colors. The light has 500 recharge cycles and it is a lightweight emergency light which requires no maintenance. The operating time of this emergency light is 4 hours and it also comes with a 6-month warranty. The light contains an array of 12 LED lights.

  • Model Name: Homelite HL 56
  • Type: LED Rechargeable Emergency Lights

3. Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern (Yellow)

Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern (Yellow)

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Next on our list is an emergency light from Philips and this is one of the most durable light in our list. The light comes with a discharge and overcharge protection and in addition to this, the light has a lithium ion battery which enhances the life of the light. The backup time of this light is about 4 hours and it takes about 8 hours to completely charge the light.

  • Model Name: Philips Ojas
  • Type: LED Rechargeable Emergency Lights

2. Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light (Yellow)

Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light (Yellow)

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On the second rank, we have a light from Wipro and this is a 360 degree light as the LED lights are arranged in 360 degree format. There is 84 LED in this light and the brightness of the LED can also be adjusted with a knob. The company claims that this emergency light has a total life of 50000 hours.

  • Model Name: Wipro Coral
  • Type: LED Rechargeable Emergency Light

1. Hi-Brite LED Rechargeable Emergency Light

best emergency light in india

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On first rank, we have a light from Hi-Brite and it has a total life of 1 lakh hours. The light is capable of delivering a backup of 20 hours and it has a lead acid rechargeable battery which is packed inside a metallic cabinet.

  • Model Name: Hi- Brite
  • Type: LED Rechargeable Emergency Lights

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one in the nearest future. Stay tuned.